TUDOR 72dpi RGB H10mm The Public Research Centre Henri Tudor is a Luxembourg autonomous institute of applied research. Essential link between research and society as a whole, its mission is to sustainably reinforce the economic competitiveness and the social fabric, at national, regional and European level.

Its activities include:
· Applied and experimental research
· Doctoral research
· Development of tools, methods, labels, certification and standards
· Technology watch
· Knowledge and competences transfer, as well as incubation of high-tech companies.

The Centre's activities are orientated towards the following scientific and technological domains:
· Advanced Materials technologies
· Environmental technologies
· Health care technologies
· Information and communication technologies
· Business organisation and management

CRP Henri Tudor targets with its innovation programmes the markets of utmost importance: industry, construction, ecotechnologies, mobility, transport and logistics, health, public services, finance, human capital.

CRP Henri Tudor's departments are:
· Service Science & Innovation (SSI): www.ssi.tudor.lu
· Advanced Materials & Structures (AMS): www.ams.tudor.lu
· The Resource Centre for Environmental Technologies (CRTE): www.crte.lu
· The Resource Centre for Health Care Technologies (SANTEC): www.santec.tudor.lu
· The Resource Centre for Technologies and Innovation in Construction (CRTI-B): www.crtib.lu· SITec « Knowledge Transfer & Training Centre »: www.sitec.lu· The Technology Watch Centre (CVT): www.veille.lu , www.brevet.lu , www.vnorm.lu

Main figures (2012):
· 462 employees of 36 nationalities
· 165 research and innovation projects of which 82 European projects (FP7/FP6, ESA, ERDF, ESF, etc.)
· Products: EUR 44.59 million
· Estimated budget for 2012: EUR 40.9 million
· 246 scientific peer-reviewed publications of which 66% are listed by Thomson Reuters or Scopus
· Supervision of 56 doctoral theses
· More than 3,000 attendees in the training courses and conferences organised in 2011