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growth-groupThe CERTITUDE project team has gathered around the comments of the Group of experts in Brussels, from 13 to 15 November 2013, to analyze the feedback and recommendations. This work led to the finalisation of the version of the device's certification of academic tutors that will undergo tests at the end of the year 2013.


Since October 7th, the Group of volunteer experts, professionals of certifications of persons, has been at work to evaluate the productions of the project group. Will be evaluated, the schema of the device of Certification Organization, regulation, certification criteria and the examination procedure. Experts' results are expected in November to allow useful upgrades to the test phase which will begin in January 2014.

The Scheme Committee now composed by 25 experts is formulating comments and proposals for modifications by the end of October, 2013.

The test phase will take place with the version revised by the Scheme Committee. Members of the Committee will provide their comments and proposals or needs for complementary modifications; and will be then invited to comment again this revised version. That second stage of comments will be taken into consideration to produce the final version.

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growth-groupBack to school, and also back to CERTITUDE project , already made contacts with experienced professionals to propose to contribute the project have borne their fruit.Relevance to the theme of the project is confirmed and confirmations of participation in the validation work are on their way.

The Group should be formed officially in October 2013. If you are interested to contribute even modestly, please feel free to complete the contact form specifying your motivations.

From October 7th on, the group of voluntary experts in the certification of people started to evaluate the materials produced by the Certitude project. The organisation of the Certification Scheme, the rules, the certification criteria and the assessment procedures will screened. The feedback is expected by November 2013 to finalise the organisation of the test phase which will start on January 2014.

The operative Committee is composed of 25 experts and its members can make their comments and proposals for amendments until end October 2013. Concrete tests that will be performed on the revised version of the device will lead to their tour of the comments and proposals or requirements of complementary amendments. The operative Committee will be invited once again on this advanced version, and its comments will be taken into account to prepare the final version. For more info click here



A negrowth-groupw academic year started. It also time to comeback to the project Certitude progress, The contacts have been taken since July with experienced practitioners to invite them to contribute, which generated very good results to the project: the interest for the project is confirmed; and it generates a flow of claims to participate in the validation work of the Certitude project materials.

The group should be established officially in October, 2013.
If you are interested to be involved with the project, please free to register!


growth-group The Meeting starts today in Brussels, From 13th to 15th November 2013. The partners will work on the comments and recommendations on the Certification Scheme made by the external experts. The results will nurture the Certification Scheme. This Certification Scheme will be tested until March 2014. Then, the Expert Group will analyse the collected feedback to prepare the first live version of the future Certification of Tutors.

Are you an expert in vocational training? in personnel certification in compliance with ISO 17024 ? or a tutor who would like to be involved in the certification process?

Then, you may be interested in helping us evaluating the Certitude Certification Scheme, the competence specification for Academic Tutors, or the examination process (prerequisite, procedures, evaluation, examiners calibration) ?

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