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Cedefop SkillsSet cover 9090The second issue of the Skillset and Match magazine published by Cedefop is available. We find interesting interviews on European issues in the employability of young people and in particular, a 8 pages pull-out on apprenticeships.
These pages are back on the results of the last conference of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship (European Alliance for learning) which is held in Thessaloniki last May. It appears that the Group of 80 representatives have built a common vision of the challenges of learning and have resulted in the establishment of 22 subcommissions to address the multiple problems and make apprenticeship more attractive for young people and businesses:

earlall logoJPG-1The event aimed at sharing the best practices implemented by regions for apprenticeship and youth policies. Regional representatives were the main speakers as well as the target group of the event to bring a regional perspective on the topic to the European institutions.

Mr Felix Rohn (DG Education Audiovisual Culture) emphasised that the Alliance for Apprenticeship establishes common guiding principles. He set out some of the things that the alliance has done during 2014: the ET2020 working group on VET, an apprenticeship call, a conference organised by Cedefop, the European Business Forum on VET 2014 and continuous monitoring by Cedefop.

2014-05-08 Dputy-Dir Apprenticeships rdax 210x140Apprenticeships and similar work-based schemes have proven to make it easier for young people to move from education to work. But not all countries have highly-developed apprenticeship schemes, and many wish to benefit from others’ experience.

L' European alliance for learning (EafA) and Cedefop, along with the European Commission, organised a special event aiming to help establish such partnerships.

Dual Apprenticeships: Qualifications and Labour Market Needs

A Learning Exchange was held in Berlin on 5-6 September 2013. It was attended by a variety of stakeholders connected to or interested in the German dual system, from the following countries: Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The attending countries are all in the process of developing or enhancing dual training systems.

The first phase of test with tutors proved very rewarding on the certification process and evaluation criteria. Feedbacks of tutors who have followed the process, validate and arbitrate the options and choices, even for the constitutions of evidence of the experience acquired than on the approach of MCQ examination applied.

All stakeholders will be more and more involved. Anglo-Saxon actors have indicated their interest in participating. The consortium has appealed to participation in the tests with international certification bodies.

245 international certification bodies involved in certifications of persons conformed with the ISO 17024 were informed of the particular conditions for their participation in this phase of pre-launch of the certification.

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