Concerned about making available to this new personnel certification stakeholders an efficient instrument corresponding to the user's needs, the partners of the European project CERTITUDE identified and gradually implemented four quality good practices:

  • The Competence Specification relies on the needs identified and defined by active users in training for several years who benefit from the academic tutor's contributions. As key actors for the project, they have tested in-house, pragmatically, each element of the certification scheme (prerequisite, choice of evaluators, the examination, etc.).
  • A group of experts of the certification scheme follows the requests of new users and adapt to need the competence specification repository by developing if necessary new successive versions of the repository and the certification scheme in the same spirit as the most popular international quality standards, such as ISO 9001 or ISO 19011: pretty so regularly that the Competence Specification repository can remained well suited to new needs identified, but how adaptive and rolling basis so that already certified tutors only have to update and validate, if needed, a small number of new skills.
  • The intellectual property of the project will be transferred straigtaway by all the partners to a not-for-profit foundation that will manage the cost-effective development and follow-up of requests for certification.
  • For those wishing to be among the first to try and implement this system of certification of skills of academic tutor, new partners can immediately be actively associated with its implementation, both by having a few tutors participating in testing of the new scheme that in proposing to delegate a representative in the Experts Committee of experts of the device.

In addition to informations provided by the website of the project, a first contact can immediately be established by mail.