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Within the framework of the CERTITUDE project, offsetting up the Scheme Committee is an important step to meet the requirements of the ISO 17024 standard. This Committee allows the stakeholders of the academic tutor certification to make comments on the competence specification and certification scheme , to amend and improve it.

The main stakeholders are the tutors, the educational and training organizations and their authorities of supervision, and the personnel certification bodies, at the European level. The Scheme Committee presently consists of 25 experts.

Tests will be made on the revised version by the Scheme Committee. Members of the Committee will make a second assessment. This second series of comments and proposals or needs for complementary modifications will lead to the production of the final version. Then, the tutor certification will be launched on the market of the certification of persons in Europe.

The Scheme Committee will be maintained after the end of the publication of the scheme of certification of persons. Its role will be then to follow its implementation, to support the maintenance of the Scheme, and to prepare its revision. Interested stakeholders are warmly invited to manifest their interest in the Scheme Committee, and new experts may be welcome at any time.

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