All remarks from the experts groups contribued to an update of the certification material which was validated during the Consortium Transnational Meeting in October 2013. The test phase is ready to start. The purpose of this phase is crucial for the certification sustainability. Tutors and examinors will be involved in the test phase to adjust procedure and criteria for candidate examination and the examinor calibration.

The set-up activities start on the 2014 early weeks (see the following table).

Test Set-up Activities Deadline
- Candidate for Examination Guide writing 15/01/2014
- Evaluation Material Design - for tutors and examinors 15/01/2014
- Test tool set-up 15/01/2014
- Tutor candidates identification 15/01/2014
- Competencies Examination Guide delivery 15/01/2014
- MCQ: 120 items + 40 open questions 28/02/2014

You are tutors, or an representative of a training center, a certification body or financial institution and you have interest on the ISO 17024 tutor certification. Please contact us to give your remarks and to be involved in the next steps.