The Certification Scheme manual proposes an assessment process based on an academic tutor competence specification. The manual is drafted with the involvement of an experts committee composed of twenty-two European stakeholders representing tutors, public and private training organizations, certifications bodies, research centers, financing bodies and public authorities. The experts’ committee is open to interested parties who have an interest to recognize and to valorize academic tutors’ competences. 

 The ISO 17024 compliant Certification Scheme is entering the testing phase in January 2014. Two phases are planned before its commercial exploitation at the end of the project.

  1. During the first phase, projects’ partners will test the certification scheme with tutors of seven educational companies. An online assessment tool will be used. Test's results will bring a first list of improvements to the manual and scheme.
  2. It will also provide informations for the training and the calibration of the future certification bodies’ auditors who will test the certification scheme in a second and last phase.

The results of the two test phases will lead to the publication of the Academic Tutor Certification Scheme. Once it will be published, certification bodies will be able to use it to certify academic tutors’ competences.

For more details on test phases and/or potential participation, contact us.