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You expect more recognition of your competencies with training institutions, enterprises, and, at European level, to obtain a official certification of your capacities. Your experience can lead you to the Certification of your personal skills and competences. Join the Community!

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You have experience in Certification and are interested to be involved in a European Personnel Certification project. Experts are required to evaluate the Certification Scheme from design to final tests. Be a Certification Body involved and join the Scheme Committee.

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You would appreciate that the skills of your academic tutors were recognized by companies, estimated by the students and their family, and would bring your school to be a key element of differenciation. You are interested in having Certified Tutors. Then, Feel free to join us!

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The testing phase gave interesting feedback from Tutors and Examinors for the adjustement of the certification scheme; details was discussed in the Luxembourg Partners meeting. Contributors have worked on all dimensions of the certification scheme and have rased relevant questions about the need of the examination, the list of competences assessed, the candidate prerequisites for participation, the way of examining, and the key question about the reproductibility of the examination.

Thanks to our 'testors', their work was very greatful for the improvement of the certification scheme before exploitation phase to be started in Autumn 2014. The details on the key anwsers are available in the link document. (in French).  For details, feel free to contact us.

icon Bilan tests et recommandations (840.56 kB) (FR)

Preparation of the testing phase, and operational tests begin as soon as late January. Voluntary experienced academic tutors participate in the review process. During the tests, the calibration of Examiners is an important step to ensure the replicability of their actions. This step is essential for the professsionalisation of certification and sustainability. All tasks performed are contributing to the preparation of the commercial launch of the certification of tutors in the run-up to the end of 2014.

Each step allows validation and determines the necessary adjustments of the device certification, materials and associated tools. All information concerning these steps will be published on our blog and relayed by the account twitter (@CertitudeTutor)

Stages of testing
-Evaluation of the skills of tutors 31/01 to 15/03/2014
-Evaluation by actors 03/15/2014
-Calibration of Examiners 21/03 to 15/05/14
-Carrying out the examinations of tutors (online tools) 01/04 to 15/05/14
Test results Deadline
-Conclusions and recommendations 31/05/2014

Certitude 2014.09.24 meeting final ParisDuring the final CERTITUDE meeting which was held in Paris on September, 24th 2014, the certification of persons professionals exchanged on the contributions of the approach of the CERTITUDE project, in the process of certification of individual skills.

All the stakeholders of a certification approach have taken the opportunity to share their opinion and had discussion around the following documents. The meeting involved Certification bodies, national accreditation body, certifying bodies and experienced tutors who were involved in the test phase.

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inted2014INTED2014, the 8th International Technology, Education and Development Conference was held in Valencia (Spain), on the 10th, 11th and 12th of March, 2014. A paper coordinated by TUDOR Centre was presented. With this paper; we explained how the project partners are developing the certification scheme respecting a process that ensures its quality. We will also explain how we ensure the quality of the process itself.

As the Academic tutor is not a recognized and regulated profession across Europe. Like many others professions, no formal training and diploma recognize teachers’ competences to support their students during their internship in companies. The certification developed by the Certitude Project team will contribute to the tutors’ validation of non-formal and informal learning. It will also contribute to the transparency, the recognition and the evaluation of tutors’ competences and qualifications.

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All remarks from the experts groups contribued to an update of the certification material which was validated during the Consortium Transnational Meeting in October 2013. The test phase is ready to start. The purpose of this phase is crucial for the certification sustainability. Tutors and examinors will be involved in the test phase to adjust procedure and criteria for candidate examination and the examinor calibration.

The set-up activities start on the 2014 early weeks (see the following table).

Test Set-up Activities Deadline
- Candidate for Examination Guide writing 15/01/2014
- Evaluation Material Design - for tutors and examinors 15/01/2014
- Test tool set-up 15/01/2014
- Tutor candidates identification 15/01/2014
- Competencies Examination Guide delivery 15/01/2014
- MCQ: 120 items + 40 open questions 28/02/2014

You are tutors, or an representative of a training center, a certification body or financial institution and you have interest on the ISO 17024 tutor certification. Please contact us to give your remarks and to be involved in the next steps. 

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