You are ... a Tutor

You expect more recognition of your competencies with training institutions, enterprises, and, at European level, to obtain a official certification of your capacities. Your experience can lead you to the Certification of your personal skills and competences. Join the Community!

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... a Certification Body

You have experience in Certification and are interested to be involved in a European Personnel Certification project. Experts are required to evaluate the Certification Scheme from design to final tests. Be a Certification Body involved and join the Scheme Committee.

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... a Training Manager

You would appreciate that the skills of your academic tutors were recognized by companies, estimated by the students and their family, and would bring your school to be a key element of differenciation. You are interested in having Certified Tutors. Then, Feel free to join us!

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the set-up phase is closed, and operational tests are started from end of January. Volonteer experienced academic tutors are participating in the examination procedure. During the tests, the calibration of examinors work will be an important step to secure the replicability of the assessments and more generaly the sustainability of the certification. The consortium still keep in mind the commercial launch of the certification expected for autumn 2014.  

Each step will allow to evaluation the existing material and will lead the consortium to adjust the certification scheme, material and tools. All informations will be available on our blog and our twitter account (@CertitudeTutor)

Test steps
- Tutor competencies evaluation 31/01 au 15/03/2014
- Evaluation document per actor 15/03/2014
- Examinors calibration 21/03 au 15/05/14

- Examination of tutors (ICT Tools)

01/04 au 15/05/14
Test results Deadline
- Conclusions and recommandations 31/05/2014